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Rex Baird of Bristol Couple Counselling

September 2021: Many thanks for looking at my website. Unfortunately, until further notice, I will not be taking on any new clients. If you are looking for a counsellor or supervisor, I can heartily recommend my colleagues Barbara Bloomfield and Dominique Sakoilsky who can be contacted via the link to the Bristol Relationships website below.

I have always been fascinated by the complexities of human relationships. This drew me to Relate in 2003 where I trained and worked as a couple counsellor and, from 2006, with families. During that time I completed a wide range of training within Relate and at the University of Bristol, where I was awarded a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences. In 2018 I qualified as a supervisor and left Relate to focus on Bristol Relationships, an organisation I co-founded with two colleagues to train those in the helping professions to work with couples and families.

I offer counselling to couples, individuals and families on all aspects of relationships at The Family Practice on Gloucester Road in North Bristol. I work at a pace and in a style to suit you and I try to do this as transparently as possible so that you are fully involved in the process. By the end of our initial meeting, my aim is to have understood your situation and to have discussed, developed and agreed a plan of action with you. In many cases there is also enough time for us to have made a start on the counselling itself.

You would typically come weekly or fortnightly for between four and eight sessions. Each session lasts for one hour and costs £60 for individuals and couples or £70 for families.

I also offer supervision for counsellors working with couples and families and for those in the helping professions who want to develop a fresh relationship-based perspective to their work. Please contact me directly to discuss further.

Subject to the usual legal requirements, all information from or about you remains entirely confidential. Other than email or text correspondence, I do not hold any information electronically.

To find out more and to discuss how I can help, give me a call on

07772 609766